Monday, February 28, 2011

And the Oscar Goes to...

By Pamela

Last night I stayed up late to watch the Academy Awards. I'd prerecorded it and enjoyed the luxury of skimming through commercials and the less-than-thrilling portions of the show.

While many movies start out as books and some are brilliantly adapted to the big screen, others stay beloved stories that remain relegated to the pages--and imprinted on our hearts and minds.

Recent (in the past ten years or so) book-to-film major success stories include the Harry Potter series, The Jason Bourne stories, and the Twilight saga. Other stand-alone titles have gone on to be made and remade such as True Grit, Pride and Prejudice and Emma.

This year quite a few book-to-movie adaptations are slated to appear at a theater near you. Which one(s) are you most eager to see? I've added a little poll to the right of the blog. Please vote for as many as you'd like or just vote for the one you're mostly likely to see. Feel free to comment here if I've missed any that you are planning to see.


  1. I'm looking forward to them, but still a little afraid. So many movies fail to live up to the pictures in my head, and some adaptations are Just. So. Bad. I can count on my fingers the number of adaptions I've liked. But I live in hope.

  2. I agree, Jenna. It's hard to take a fabulous book and make it truly work on screen. Especially since we all have different ideas about how we see it. Sometimes I look at a movie as a completely separate work from the book and try to enjoy it that way. But I agree. It's not always easy.

  3. I watched the awards and for the first time wondered about adapting a novel to a screenplay! It was fantastic! I love day dreaming now that I know dreams come true.....

  4. Suzy, I used to daydream about winning an Oscar for best actress (probably back when Tatum O'Neal won for Paper Moon). Today winning one for best screenplay or best adapted screenplay would be more realistic. Yes, dream big!


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