Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Distracted by Writing

by Elizabeth

So all day long I thought it was Tuesday. It felt like Tuesday. Even though I made sure my daughter had the binder she takes to school only on Wednesday, even though I reminded my son he had his after school activity that is on Wednesday--in my head, all day long, Tuesday. Which meant that I had "blog post" written on my to-do list, and as I merrily scratched off items throughout the day, so pleased with how much I was getting done, I knew I'd get to it tonight and have it ready to roll by Wednesday morning.


The good news is, a lot of those other to-do items had to do with writing, and even when I was marking non-writing tasks off my list (get light bulbs and Diet Coke; pick up the dry cleaning; other equally glamorous events), my brain was firmly concerned with my WIP, and it was exciting and fun.

Exciting and fun? Writing? Imagine that!

Which is really pretty great. I've set a goal to complete a draft of this manuscript by our retreat, and I'm making great progress and I think I will make the goal. Which feels terrific. But what feels even better is how alive the manuscript is becoming, how every day the characters are getting more complex and interesting, their stories more knotty, the story arc more meaningful and satisfying and all around just good.

So this felt like Tuesday, and I think that's because I'm so wrapped up with the WIP that I just forgot. I actually forgot!

I really hope it happens again.

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  1. Ha! Today, I too thought it was Tuesday - except when I remembered it was Wednesday, crit group night, woo-hoo!

    And then I got there and there was only one other person there and the host was missing and I called him and discovered that, although we are ALWAYS meeting on the 3rd Wednesday of every month, when I created the Evite my mind was so full of MS I put the date as NEXT Wednesday.

    Being a good sport, he and a couple other came by at the last minute - and we'll meet again next Wednesday, a win-win! That is, if I don't forget.)


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