Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Because I write ...

By Pamela

Because I write, you might notice something different about me. Okay, maybe in your head ‘different’ is ‘strange’ and I’m really fine with that.

Because I write, friends have admitted to being reluctant to send me: emails, text messages and Christmas cards—fearing they might not spell something correctly. I assure them that I have the same worries too—regardless of who is reading it.

Because I write, my boys tend to think twice about asking me to proof read their homework. The request is usually tempered with: Don’t go crazy or anything …

Because I write, at times the temptation to correct others is nearly overwhelming. Lay/lie, who/that, was/were—it all makes me a bit crazy. While I’ve yet to actually do it, I did avoid Walgreens for over a month after the guy at the register told me ‘no problem’ when I said ‘thank you’ and then proceeded to say ‘have a good one’ as I left. Grrr … not poor grammar, really, but just two peeves of mine. (Two peeves of a snob.) I also looked around for the manager—again, same Walgreens—when I noticed their ‘stationery’ area was labeled as ‘stationary.’ Sure, it wasn’t moving, but I don’t think that’s what they meant.

Because I write, reading for pleasure isn’t as pleasurable as it was ten years ago. I used to read anything and everything, but now—knowing what I do about the craft—I find I’m less tolerant of so-so writing.

Because I write, I notice what makes you unique—the inflection in your voice, the way you tuck your hair behind your ear when you're nervous, how you kneel down to talk to a toddler, the wrinkles around your mouth that give away your smoking habit, the stains on your shoes, the way you talk to sales clerks and waitresses. Everything about you is fodder for one of my characters. I notice.

Because I write, I scribble notes on everything. Please don't touch them, add to them or, for your own safety, throw them away.

Because I write, I’m also insecure about what I’ve written. So, if you ever read an article, blog post or story by me, your telling me that you liked it means a lot. Really, I’ve only met a few writers with egos, so if you enjoy something an author has written, he or she would likely love to hear your nice comments. Find them on Facebook, write a nice review on Amazon, pass along a recommendation to a friend, or find some other way to pat them on their insecure backs.

Because I write, I—and Julie and Susan and Joan and Kim and Elizabeth—support other writers by: attending author events, buying their books new and not used (so they’ll get royalties) and promoting their efforts here on the blog.

Because I write, the world probably doesn’t look the same to me as it does to you. And if you’re an engineer (or a professional organizer or an artist or a nurse), I’m sure you see my world from a totally different perspective, and I think that’s pretty cool. Because, when I write, some days I am a professional organizer, an artist, a nurse—or at least I attempt to bring those characters to life in my stories.

And that is way cool.

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  1. I can relate! (especially about the peeves). I sometimes wish I could return to pre-writing days, when I could enjoy a book without constantly thinking about craft. Even with a brilliantly written book, I find it hard not to think about how well-crafted it is!


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