Friday, September 5, 2014

A Worthy Cause

By Kim

As many of you know, I will be attending the Writer Unboxed Un-Conference in Salem, MA, this November. I am lucky to be able to swing the trip, but there are others who are not so fortunate. A group of women have banded together to try to help five incredibly deserving members of the Writer Unboxed community make it to the conference this year. Here is their story...
Who are the WriterMamas and what is their goal?
The following is adapted from their home page:
We are a group of women writers who have come together to make it possible for five women writers, who are also mothers with young children, to attend the Writer Unboxed Un-Conference in Salem, Massachusetts, from November 3-7. Without this fundraiser they (like many parent writers, but especially mothers) would not be able to attend. They live in Australia, Spain, and states in America far from Massachusetts, and will require planes and trains to get to the venue. Our goal is to raise enough funds not only to cover travel expenses but also registration, food and lodging, and, most important, child care while these writers are away.
Our initial inspiration to come together for this fundraiser was because we were so excited to meet these five women who are as dear to us as we are to them. We have talked with them daily online for over two years, been inspired by them, and impressed with their dedication to publishing their work and their commitment to writing as a career. When first one, then another, and then three more said the cost of travel and everything involved in attending the event was beyond their financial scope this year, we were dismayed. That’s when the idea of this fundraiser was born.
As writers we know the importance of being able to leave the responsibilities of daily life behind for a short while in order to write without distractions. The Writer Unboxed Un-Conference in November will give our five sister writers that opportunity in spades. This event is designed to maximize time to write every day for four days.
If you would like to help five very deserving women make it to the Writer Unboxed Un-Conference, here are a few simple ways to contribute.

Make a Donation

Pop on over to the WriterMamas GiveForward page and make a donation. Even if all you can spare is $5, we would all appreciate it. Of course, you’re welcome to donate more than $5. Any and all donations are gratefully accepted.

Buy cool Writer Unboxed merchandise
This fundraiser has inspired some of the most amazing people to dive in and help. And so you can buy cool caps and T-shirts, and all the profit goes helping our WriterMamas
Check out these great baseball caps, available for a limited time for $30. You can get them in light pink/white, light sky/white, dark red/stone, olive/stone, navy/white, dark gray/stone, black/stone and chocolate/stone.

Or, if you’re not into baseball caps, you can pick up a limited edition Writer Unboxed t-shirt for only $23. They are available in gray or red.

Spread the word
Tell everyone. Share this blog post. Share the individual links. Tweet them, FB them, G+ them, Pinterest them.

If you’re not interested in the merchandise, and you can’t or don’t want to donate, that’s okay. You can still help just by clicking a few buttons to spread the word. The WriterMamas thank you!

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