Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Pulpwood Queen Reigns

By Julie

As mentioned in my last post, January has been a whirlwind month, and it's not over until it's over!

Last weekend, I had the privilege of attending Kathy Patrick's Pulpwood Queens 12th Annual Girlfriend Weekend in Jefferson, Texas. I went as a "civilian" this year as my book isn't out yet, but hope I'll get to attend as a panelist or speaker in future years. This event is indescribable, but I'll do my best.

The theme this year was The Greatest Show on Earth. There were costumes--authors dressed as clowns to serve dinner to attendees Thursday, authors and attendees dressed in all manner of attire for the Pretty in Pink Prom Party Friday evening, authors and attendees dressed as their favorite circus performers Saturday evening. I personally attempted the Pink Punk Prom look, but mostly looked like a six-year-old dressed up for a tea party--Here I am with Margaret Dilloway and Karen Harrington, and the very lovely photo credit goes to Sarah Deutsch! I went as a fortune teller Saturday night, with a little more success, in my humble opinion. (There I am below with Margaret, again, and Eleanor Brown, author of The Weird Sisters, sporting our tattoos applied by Eleanor!)

But it wasn't all about the costumes. During the day, I occupied a table with a few others who hadn't come with book clubs. For fun, we named ourselves the "Bridget Jones Bookclub--All singletons welcome!" We even made a sign. We were enthralled by keynote speakers, including John Berendt, Robert Hicks, Robert Leleux, Wade Rouse, Bill Torgerson, and Jenny Wingfield, and entertained as Tina Sloan, former star of The Guiding Light, performed part of her show, Changing Shoes, and Elaine Clark explained how to use your voice to make money. I know I've left someone out. We listened to other authors talk about their books and answer questions from Kathy Patrick, Robert Leleux, and the audience.

One of the best parts was getting to know several authors in person I only knew online before (Eleanor Brown, Kathryn Casey, Meg Waite Clayton, Karen Harrington, my Weed Lit Agency "sister," Sarah Jio, Caroline Leavitt, Rebecca Rasmussen, to name a few), meeting authors new to me (Jill S. Alexander, River Jordan, Nicole Seitz, Marybeth Whalen ... and the list goes on!), and also spending time with Margaret Dilloway again, an author I met last fall in Oregon. Her hubby came along and was our gracious chauffeur, dropping Margaret and me at the door, picking us up, and putting a total of something like 12 miles on my car all weekend in the tiny town of Jefferson, Texas!

That's a lot of names to drop. But it just goes to show that this event really packs a punch. So many authors at one circus ... errrr, conference! What a blast. I was also able to meet potential readers of Calling Me Home, and was delighted to be asked by several of the authors to visit their blogs when the book releases.

Whether you're a member of the Pulpwood Queens book clubs or not, if you're a reader, you should consider adding this fun and crazy event to your annual schedule!

Now I'm home again, deep in edits for Calling Me Home again, and gearing up for more excitement, because it just never ends these days.

I've been asked to host a Girls' Night Out screening in Dallas next week at the Studio Movie Grill for a movie starring Rachel McAdams, The Vow. I'll introduce the movie and get to talk up Calling Me Home a bit in the process! I kind of feel like a celebrity …

But my daughters are mostly excited about seeing CHANNING TATUM on screen, as I'm sure most of the ladies in attendance will be, too! (Come on, admit it, he's pretty cute!)

Is your head spinning yet? Mine is. And ... it's time to get back to those edits!

Don't forget, you can go to my website to sign up for my mailing list to stay updated on book news and also to register for the necklace giveaway! I received my necklace just in time for the Pulpwood Queens weekend, and LOVE it! I can't wait to order the second one for my giveaway, and am still so thrilled I came across Sam Gibson and her beautiful jewelry!

Next time I'm up at the blog, I'll be hosting the lovely Sere Prince Halverson as she talks about her newly released, much anticipated novel, The Underside of Joy.

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