Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas Eve

By Pamela

As writers, we like to think of ourselves as wordsmiths. We may not know more words than the average Joe, but hopefully we're more adept at stringing them together. Again, so we hope.

Me with my two older siblings, Pete and Gretchen. 
As I stood in my kitchen today, contemplating my next batch of edibles, I was thinking about words we hear this time of year: Hope, Joy, Love, Peace, Faith.

Yesterday in church our pastor reminded us that our Christmas, his Christmas, your Christmas may not look like Christmas for those living near us. While my family enjoys good health, others may be recovering from illness. While I have my children with me, others will celebrate miles apart--or, tragically, have just laid theirs to rest.

So while JOY may be elusive this season for you. And PEACE on earth is really only a lovely, yet unattainable goal. My Christmas wish for you is that you might have HOPE.
Hope that tomorrow will come and bring challenges you're determined to overcome.
Hope that you find laughter in unexpected moments.
Hope that all you need will be provided.
Hope that every day you are reminded just how wonderful life can be.
Again, for these things, so I hope.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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