Friday, December 7, 2012

It's Retreat Time!

The front of our house
By Kim

I’m writing from our 4th annual What Women Write retreat! We’ve chosen a different location each year and have found all houses come with their quirks. Our house was comfy enough the first year, but it creeped us out a bit that the owners remained on-site, albeit sequestered to a little apartment within the house. Year two we had a lake house that worked well other than a couple of uncomfortable beds. Last year we crammed into a house set up for scrapbookers instead of writers. This year we have another lake house, and every one of us walked in and exclaimed this would be the best one ever. It is gorgeous, there’s a view, a hot tub and a great den with comfy recliners.

What it lacks are quiet places to hide for those of us with deadlines or lofty word count goals. Julie and Susan’s enormous closet may get some use this weekend. Last year, I would have taken over that space immediately.

This year I have no word count goals. My manuscript is in the query process and the most work I intend to do while here is some research for my next novel. I may draw or paint a bit, too. And read, of course.

Here’s what everyone else is doing this morning:

The back of our house
Susan has her feet up in a recliner, computer on her lap, pen held between her teeth, and she appears deep in thought. Of all of us, she’s the one under the most pressure this year with a self-imposed deadline to send major revisions back to her agent. I suspect she’ll need that big closet soon, or perhaps she’ll go sit at the end of the dock. Yes, it’s December, but this is Texas and she’s tough!

Julie has the couch here in the den and is also typing away on blog posts and interview questions in preparation for the February lunch of her debut novel, Calling Me Home. (Have you pre-ordered your copy, yet? If not, you should, because it is fabulous.) She claims the house will be a lot quieter this year because she has no time to carry on conversations.

Elizabeth is also typing away. I heard whispers about a short story last night, which may or may not be true, but she was the last to bed and the first to rise, so ideas must be swirling around in her brain. Maybe she'll share them when we do critiques.

From the end of our dock
Joan has the living room to herself at the moment. The last time I glanced at her computer screen she had her completed novel open, or maybe the synopsis. I know that, like me, she plans to brainstorm ideas for her next book. Both she had I are querying right now and pray for a rejection-free weekend.

I’m not entirely sure where Pamela is – I believe in the bedroom she is sharing with Joan. She has a deadline on an article and so is having to work a bit on her paying gig before she can open her manuscript.

Check back at the blog next week and you’ll see several of us weigh in on the retreat. Pamela will likely have given the page a facelift with our new group photo as well.

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