Wednesday, February 13, 2013

It's Official!

By Pamela

Susan, Pamela, Joan, Elizabeth and Kim with Julie at her book launch.
Julie's daughter Emilie introduces her.
We'd all patiently waited for The Day. This Day. The Day Calling Me Home grew from a much beloved manuscript into a novel held in the hands of Others. Not just us. But Others. Some we'd know because we had recommended they read it and love it as much as we did. Others we wouldn't. Others might hear about it in passing. Might read about it on a blog or in a newspaper or magazine. Others might be captivated by its glorious cover or intrigued by the text on the book jacket. Others would get to see how terribly talented our Julie really is.
Julie tells the crowd about her inspiration for her book.

And so we gathered at Julie's local Barnes and Noble in Arlington last night to celebrate with her The Day.

As you can see by the photos, the crowd was a true crowd. Not a handful or a meager gathering, but a crowd. We attempted a headcount, but everyone knows writers stink at math (and apparently counting), and gave up at around 80 or 90 people as many stopped on their way into the store and stayed to hear Julie talk.

Signing books and meeting friends.
It was an emotional night for Julie. I know she has spent many a recent night getting little sleep as she prepared for the domestic release of Calling Me Home, but true to form, she stepped up to the lectern, gripped the microphone and wowed the audience with tales of how the story came to be. After reading a couple excerpts, she fielded questions and then signed books and posed for photos with fans.

When we started this blog four years ago, each of us shared a goal of seeing our work published. Julie has set the bar high for us all by landing a great agent, securing multiple contracts--both foreign and domestic--and beginning an extensive tour promoting Calling Me Home. We could not be more proud of her!

To find out where she'll be next, click here. To purchase Calling Me Home, helpful links are here.

All photo credits: the talented and gracious Rick Mora.


  1. Thanks to all of you, my blog sisters, and EVERYONE who came! It was one of the best nights of my life! Love you girls.

  2. Very nice. Thanks for writing this up. I wish I could have been there. Julie's Dad

  3. Yay! Glad to see that the night was a huge success!! It's quite the feeling, isn't it Julie? Congratulations and much success with your wonderful novel, CALLING ME HOME!!! OXOX


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