Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Winter doldrums and a few bright lights

By Julie

Wow! This has been a winter for the books. Every time we turn around there's more news of big snowstorms, bitter cold, terrifying ice, and here in Texas, general gloom. We are just not used to days and days of cold and grey skies in our temperate, usually sunny state. I think everyone is getting a little stir crazy. Cabin fever is at an all-time high, tempers can run amok (especially on social media!), and Vitamin D levels are falling into the basement.

I've had an exciting few weeks with the release of the Calling Me Home paperback, but between events, I pretty much want to burrow under my down comforter--especially since I installed a brand new heated mattress pad--and read or sleep all day. How about you guys?

I'm making good progress on my new manuscript, learning lots of writing lessons all over again, and keeping my eyes and ears open for great resources around the web. In the last week, I've come across some blog posts and videos that have stood out for me, and I thought I'd share. It's one of those "Sometimes other people just say it better than I ever could" days.

Teri Walsh, the fearless leader of Writer Unboxed, one of the best resources for writers on the Internet, wrote this post that just goes to show that what looks fearless on the outside can look quite different on the inside. She sends a love letter out to published and aspiring writers everywhere with the message that never fails:

You are not alone.

Check out her moving post, A Simple Truth.

I've heard the name Brené Brown here and there over the last few years, but somehow didn't come across her TedxHouston talk in 2011 until last weekend. I then proceeded to watch several videos in a row and found what she said really meaningful. It applies to so much in life, including our self images as writers. Now I'm reading her book, Daring Greatly: How the Courage to be Vulnerable Transforms the way we Live, Love, Parent, and Lead. So much about being a writer and finding our voices is about being our own unique authentic selves, and I think you might enjoy watching this and seeing what Brown has to say.

Finally, just for laughs, here's a cartoon I came across and had to share with a friend who lives in Chicago. I'm not sure how long it's been since they've been above freezing for more than a few hours at a time. I. Can't. Even. Imagine. This morning, however, I was shocked to discover it was 27 degrees there AND here in the DFW area of Texas! Maybe this will make you smile, too.

Stay warm, readers and writers! Spring is coming!

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