Thursday, August 7, 2014

Announcement from Julie

By Julie Kibler

My fellow What Women Write bloggers are not just co-bloggers. They are my critique partners and most importantly, my dear friends. A few weeks ago, I let them know I would soon be taking an extended break from blogging, though I had no intention of taking a break from the other parts of this amazing trifecta. As always, the wonderful women here at What Women Write responded with grace and understanding and are willing to give me this time away, whether short or indefinite.

It's my intention to make this time in my life about the main thing -- making the main thing the main thing, so to speak. Of course, my family and the loves of my life are my main thing before any other, but as far as a passion beyond them, writing is my main thing. I plan to work harder at making a writing life than I have before. I am so very fortunate to be published, and published well, and I would like that to be more than just a flash in the pan. In order to do that, I have to find my focus again and keep it there. I have to decide which activities are critical to that path, and which ones are distractions, even if they are worthy distractions on many levels, such as blogging here.

It has a been a privilege and a joy for the last five years to post here every other week or so, and I bid you, our dear readers and friends of What Women Write, a very fond adieu for now and wish you all good things. I'll leave you with this video, a song that has been my theme song when it comes to my writing for many years from one of my favorite musicians, David Wilcox.
(Click here if the video isn't embedded.)

It's time for me to "Run like the river run dry."

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