Monday, August 8, 2011

Hats On!

by Joan

I’ve always wanted to wear a hat. But I have bad hat hair.

In my curly days, wearing a hat would leave me with a flat top and frizzy sides, much like Larry the Stooge. Now that it’s straight, I haven't found one I'd venture out in. Until now…

If any of you follow us on Facebook, you’ll know that we’re planning a special field trip this week. Most of you know our fond affection for a little book called The Help. It all started when Pamela interviewed Amy Einhorn. (Most things start with Pamela and that’s why we love her.)

We all fell in love with the book, which is rare for our group with our unique tastes. We discussed the characters as though we knew them personally or would meet them one day. If I’m not mistaken, we were all sharing ideas about who would play which part in the movie, long before we knew the option had been sold.

When Pamela let us know (see, I told you, it all starts with Pamela) there would be a preview in our area, she sent us an email: “I vote we all go together in period dress. I have pearls!!! And a nearby Goodwill!”

Later, she’d pepper her emails with little tidbits like, “Dressing in period clothing is NOT optional. :) Well, I guess it is, but still....”

And after she'd purchased the tickets for us, “He mentioned they'd be at will-call and I caught something about y'all who dress up in southern '60s style getting preferred seating. Just sayin'.” (Later she admitting to fudging that promise, just a little--okay, a lot.)

Judging by the texts and pictures flying back and forth between us, I’d say the two of us are the most excited about dressing up. I found two options for dresses and waited until this weekend to choose, based on shopping for shoes, hat, purse and jewelry.

My decision was made early when I came upon these spectator pumps. Later when I found my hat (see above!), I texted the price to Pamela and asked if it was worth it (not printing here because Elizabeth and my husband would have a heart attack). With her hearty approval, I paid for my hat, wondering how I was going to keep the thing on my head, and only worrying a little about the unlucky viewer who would sit behind me.

Tomorrow night we’ll be watching the movie together, laughing, crying, and revisiting our old friends on screen. I’m not sure who’s up for Wednesday’s post because we’ve been switching days around a bit, but I imagine there will be pictures involved and a blow-by-blow description of our hats being yanked off by short, unlucky viewers.

If you get a chance to see the movie, stop by and let us know what you thought! And if you were also inspired to dress the part, share your pictures!


  1. I wish I could join you all! That sounds like great fun. What a fantastic group.

  2. Erika, wish you could join us, also! When you stop in Dallas on your book tour (or movie premiere!) we'll give you a big welcome! (it might even involve some Hemingway-inspired garb!)

  3. I remember watching Coco Before Chanel and thinking: Why did women stop wearing hats? I love them and would own more but I have a freakishly big head and most tend to sort of perch on top of my head like a yamaka.

    This weekend, while out hat shopping at an antique mall, I asked myself two questions: How long do lice live? and Why is my head so freakishly big? (btw, I did find one!)

    Maybe women in the '50s and '60s had smaller heads! Perhaps as we've grown up and started thinking more for ourselves, our brains have expanded?

    Perhaps I should get back to work...

  4. Pamela--I LOVED that movie. Stunning! And you crack me up. ;)


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