Monday, December 9, 2013

Retreat Wrap-up

By Joan

For our fifth annual retreat, we again chose a new house. We keep searching for the perfect combination of comfortable sleeping arrangements, space to write solo and snug group quarters for dining and critiquing. Aside from a poorly stocked kitchen, this house came pretty close to ideal.

Lost in a good book
A good thing, too, as we were iced in from the enthusiastic storm that swept across the country. In fact, we were forced (yes, it was awful) to stay another night to wait out some treacherous road conditions. We had plenty of food, wine and imagination.
Susan and Joan

Every year marks a new chapter in our individual writing journeys and this year was no different. Julie’s book came out last January and she’s had a whirlwind year of book-club appearances and author signings. We shared our pre-retreat goals last week and over the next week or so, I’m sure a few of us will share our thoughts on the weekend. Several of us are writing new manuscripts, others revising stories that won't let go of their hearts. I mapped out my new WIP and wrote fresh words. I also read a scene I’ve been dying to share with the group.

Pamela wrote: “Together we have laughed and cried more than the previous four retreats combined. As we collectively grieve tremendous loss, personal struggles and professional pitfalls, we've grown closer in our vulnerabilities.” We did that, yes. We also goofed it up in matching sweaters that Elizabeth brought for us. We watched one of our favorite movies, Love Actually, to give us a dose of lovely plot, characters and dialogue (not to mention Colin Firth, Hugh Grant, Emma Thompson and Alan Rickman.)

We’re all safely back at home tonight after braving cobblestone ice and crazy drivers. Hope you all are safe and warm, too.

"Everyone wear blue!"


  1. Something about this-- the no-makeup-unfixed-hair look-- I love it. It was a great weekend. Just want to reiterate how thankful I am for having you wonderful ladies in my life!

  2. I wish we could go again. Right now.


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