Monday, November 21, 2011

Lucky 21

by Joan

I’m not much of a gambler, but I’ve played a few hands of Black Jack in my time. Seated at the curvy table, cards stacked up ready to be drawn, I anxiously await a face card. A one-eyed jack perhaps, or maybe a king. I perk up with excitement when the dealer declares, “Lucky 21!”

As luck would have it, today’s the 21st of November and 21 years ago on a beach in sunny Jamaica, I married my face card (no, not the joker, though he does make me laugh!).

This past weekend, we celebrated our anniversary at a beautiful B&B, The Inn on Lake Granbury, recommended by both Susan and Elizabeth. It was a lovely respite, a private house to hole up in with the lake glistening under an autumn sun.

Late afternoon Saturday, we watched from a hammock as another bride and groom vowed to start their own journey. What I would tell them is this: Marriage takes nurturing. It takes love and work and humor and honesty and tears and more love.

A manuscript takes nurturing as well. I have worked and loved my manuscript. I have cried and laughed over it. I’ve had to face some honest truths about it, too. As much as I nurture my story, I know it takes more than that to find the right agent and then the right publisher. It takes a little luck.

What's your good-luck story?

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