Monday, April 29, 2013

Mother's Day Retreat

By Pamela

This year for Mother's Day I'm tempted to make a list of what I want and top of that list is a retreat of some sort. We've talked at length here about how invaluable retreating to write is for us. Each year we get away for a four-day retreat, and I am not alone in saying how much I cherish that time with my co-bloggers/writers. Love it. Can't do without it.

Options for retreats for writers vary as widely as genres. There are structured retreats led by other writing professionals designed to further your craft. You sign up, pay a fee, show up and get out of it what you put into it. Others require a submission before they let you attend. You can expect a more structured workshop environment at those and will likely pay a higher fee as well.

Here are some links to upcoming writing events*:

Appalachian Writers' Workshop; Hindman Settlement School, Hindman, Kentucky; July 28-August 2
A Room of Her Own; Ghost Ranch, Abiquiu, New Mexico; August 12-18
Haven Retreats with Laura Munson; Walking Lightly Ranch, Whitefish, Montana; August 7-11, September 4-8, September 18-22
Iowa Summer Writing Festival; The University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa; dates vary over June/July
Patchwork Writing/Yoga Retreat; Hawley, Massachusetts; October 3-6

This is just a smattering of writing getaways offered. Some amazing ones such as Squaw Valley and Bread Loaf have already closed their applications, so put those on your list for next year.

Or you can create your own retreat simply by holing up in a nearby hotel, crashing at someone's lake house or spending some alone time at the beach. You can also pair up with a writing buddy who shares your work ethic and half of the expenses. But attending an event surrounded by others who take the business of writing as serious as you do helps you focus on the goal of getting words on the page.

The message is: make getting away a priority. Schedule it. Make it happen. Happy Mother's Day from you to you.

*I have not attended any of these; nor did I get compensated for mentioning them. Explore at your own risk!

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