Saturday, June 28, 2014

Just Leave It In!

by Elizabeth

When we here at WWW finish a post, we let the others know it's ready and have them proof-read it. So it was for my post yesterday--and Pamela noted that a computer glitch caused the post to repeat after the photo, kindly took out the redundancy, and let me know.

I was out running errands--five stores in two hours--and could not fix the mistake she fixed. The second chunk of text? Was edited to make my point, and she hadn't noticed. I texted her back, and she tried to repair it, but it was gone. No big deal, though; when I got home I re-edited and posted it back to its original state, where it would remain for perpetuity. (The internet is forever.)

Until Joan got to it today, that is. She read the post, noted the computer glitch, and...deleted the second, redundant half of text. And kindly let me know, while I away from the house, without a computer. I texted her back, and assured her the fix was unfixable until I could get home and copy and paste again and so I have.

So, please note, Julie and Kim and Susan and blog readers: Two chunks of text in the post below (which is my real post; this one doesn't count) are intentional! Just leave it alone!


  1. Thanks for being a good sport, Elizabeth. I felt horrible when I did it and probably just as bad when I realized Joan had done the same. At least you can't complain that we don't read your posts!!

  2. Ha! No need to feel horrible. As you know, I think I should have mentioned the repeat when I scheduled the post.


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