Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bring It On

by Elizabeth

January 5, 2011

Look at that fresh shiny new date. Okay, not so new anymore, I suppose, not super shiny maybe, but still so fresh. Today is really kind of the first day of the new year for me--kids back to school, I'm back to work, everyone resuming the schedule we gleefully abandoned almost three weeks ago. The grind.

But it feels good. I spent a part of yesterday on the phone, making appointments for the next few weeks, including one today, which means I'm up and running at work again without a day sans kids and responsibility. I thought it might be nice to take an extra day to just veg, but now that I have things to do and people to see so to speak, I'm glad I don't have that bonus day. Enough is enough. Time to move.

And that means writing, too. Winter break is over, and with it, this lull in my writing as well. I got a job last year mostly to add more structure to my days, mostly for the sake of my writing. With all the stress and time involved in learning the new job, the writing structure part had not yet materialized. But now, a seasoned pro with a couple of months under my belt (insert cheesy grin here), I feel ready to tackle the job, tackle the words, and tackle the world.

I've got two novels underway that I plan to finish this year. One is close to the first round of critiques, and the other well underway. I think I can be done with both, rewrites and all, by year's end if I take advantage of this new found structure I've built. It means more fast dinners, more chores for my kids, and a lot less time trolling the Internet for me, but it can be done. I'm putting it out to the world here for accountability. Ask me in twelve months.

Bring it on. Hello January. Hello 2011. This could be the year.

Don't forget to come by and meet us at 7 p.m. on Monday, January 17 at the Richardson Library as What Women Write are featured at The Writer's Guild of Texas monthly meeting. Rumor has it chocolate might be involved! All welcome, no admission. Hope to see you there.

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  1. I think putting it out there & telling the world what you're planning to do is a major step! Congratulations and best of luck, Elizabeth.


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