Friday, July 22, 2011

Social WHAT? redux and Google+

By Julie

Several months ago, I posted about social media and how we were doing with it in our What Women Write group. Our improvements have been embarrassingly small, but maybe we've at least made some short strides. But I still like the photo Joan's husband caught of my look over my shoulder as I discussed Twitter.

Today, I'm thinking about Google+. I accepted an invitation and joined the masses wondering what on earth we might find different enough from Facebook to pull us over there.

I'm still scratching my head.

Here are some thoughts and rebuttals.

I went and saw. A lot of ... white space. It was honestly quite boring, but maybe that changes as you add stuff. I like the busy-ness of my Facebook pages--after all, if I'm on Facebook, I'm probably bored or trying to waste time while waiting for my dream agent to call and tell me she's in love and wants to sign me tout de suite!

I keep hearing about how the "circles" are so great--you can target who you want with your posts, photos, etc. Guess what? You can do that on Facebook with the lists you create from your friends.

A relative said she is happier about supporting the Google people than the Facebook people for personal and ethical reasons. I guess I don't really have the same beefs. I don't have faith that Google+ will handle my privacy and personal information any better or differently than Facebook. As my husband says, it's always about the bottom line. "It's the economy, stupid."

It was kind of nifty to find all my Picasa photos I hadn't seen in a while as they pull up automatically. But also a little creepy.

However ... comma ... I'm willing to be open to the marvels of something new, even if I'm a bit weary of jumping on a new social media bandwagon. At this point I think Google+ will have to create some really exciting bells and whistles that can't be duplicated quickly or easily in Facebook to get a lot of people to truly invest in another venue. If they build it, we will come--but we may not stay.

I will get my little page going for the purposes of having it at the ready, but for now, I'm leaving my heart in Facebook. (San Francisco would be a lot more exciting.)

Anyone have any input about this? Good links to share that might get my heart pumping with a little more enthusiasm? Or ... deep thoughts about anything else in the world because you aren't into the hype yet either?

Please, jump in!

Photo credit: bhermans' Flickr photostream by Creative Commons License


  1. This is one of the most sensible posts on the subject.

    When Google + opens up (I have a friend who keeps trying to invite me, and it's not working) I will happily join it, too, because it is new, and because it is shiny. But I know way to many people on my Facebook to really want to let it go. I don't just know writing people, but people who share my hobby, people who I've known through schools or jobs...I don't really want to walk away and leave those less enthused by Google behind?

  2. Anonymous22 July, 2011

    The Google people are now doing a lot of the less ethical things that Facebook has been doing even longer -- more controlling and intrusive; manipulative stuff. A disappointment. Like watching the demise of MySpace, which was pretty cool before Tommy gave up ant the My_____ crew tried to make it into a Facebook clone.
    Oh, I got to get to work on my book -- !!!

  3. Great post. I just joined Google+ and now that I am a part of it, I guess I'm just going to wait until it becomes a 'must have'. Then at least I'll have already made the first step.

    Until then, its probably just going to sit there.

  4. I am hearing a lot of people taking a wait and see attitude. Funny, though, this time it's not the teenagers driving the traffic and all the adults jumping on the bandwagon. Wonder where they're hanging out these days? Maybe in the real world? :) Thanks for the comments!

  5. Anonymous25 July, 2011

    If Google can improve on FB's poor UI design and the way they operate, I can see the need to switch. However, it may be a bit of too little, too late.


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